Working at Blueberry Giant

Picking blue berries

Blueberries are harvested mainly by hand. We can therefore use many pickers. In the period from the end of June to September the harvest of blueberry is in full swing. We therefore need many employees who help us to harvest the many blueberries.The work is very suitable for ladies. Do you like to work outside and want to earn a nice pocket money in the months of July, August and September, then picking blue berries is definitely something for you.

Other activities

In addition to harvesting activities, we also need employees for other activities in the period from April to September. Think of cultivation work and logistic activities, including possible work with machines such as tractor and forklift truck. You must be prepared to perform all the activities that you are instructed to do.

Flexibility is required with regard to working hours for all activities. The number of hours per day may vary, partly because the work depends on the weather conditions. Because rain can not be harvested.


Blueberry Giant can take care of the accommodation where you are staying. The housing of employees takes place on the company itself. So there is minimal daily transport from your stay to your daily work location. There are therefore no travel hours commuting. You will live in a house or in living units. The living units have a toilet and shower and are suitable for 6 people. In addition, we have a common room where cooking can be done and an opportunity for relaxation. All our residential locations have free Wi-Fi.


For transportation to and from plots, we will use a touring coach. Once a week you have the opportunity to go to a shopping center by bus Kevelaer (DE) or Bergen (NL)